4 Reasons why Online Dating is the Best Way for Single Parents to Get Back into the Dating Game

 It’s no secret that single parents are increasingly using online dating to find a new partner. However, those that have yet to try online dating might be wondering why online dating is such a good way for single parents to get back into the dating game. We’ve put together a handy list of the top ten reasons that should help single parents decide if online dating is right for them:


1. Online dating is great for singles who don’t have single friends

Let’s face it, most single parents don’t have a lot of single friends, so they don’t often have the opportunity to meet eligible men or women socially. Whether it’s at the playground, parent-teacher meetings or kids’ birthday parties, most of the parents there will be in a relationship, so those interactions won’t lead to dates either. Online dating is a quick and easy way to reach out to other singles and arrange dates.


2. Online dating is perfect if your dating etiquette is a bit rusty

If you are a single parent, chances are you’ve been in a relationship for a while and haven’t dated in some time. In that scenario, going on a date can feel as scary as preparing for your first date ever. Online dating is a great way to get back into the swing of things slowly, beginning with a few messages exchanged online, then graduating to a phone call and finally, once you are confident that you will get on well with that person, going on a date. It’s a lot less scary than being thrown in at the deep end!


3. Online dating is easier to coordinate with parenting duties

When you were young and free of all responsibilities, dating meant going out to bars and nightclubs, meeting other singles, sometimes hooking up, sometimes exchanging phone numbers, going on several dates and seeing what happened. Today, you have other priorities and you certainly can’t get away from the kids whenever you want. On an online dating website, single parents can connect with singles from the comfort of their home, get to know them in their own time… and finally call in a babysitter when it’s time for a first date.


4. Online dating connects you with singles who don’t mind that you have kids

There’s nothing worse than meeting a great man or woman, hitting it off and hoping it might develop into more… only to discover that he or she doesn’t want kids and won’t have anything to do with your kids either. Online daters can let others know through their profile that they are single parents, ensuring they only meet singles who are happy to date someone who already has kids.

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