5 Benefits of Self-Defense Classes for Kids

You may opt to enter your kids in all kinds of extracurricular activities, including sports, music lessons, art classes, and so on. But few of these common after-school programs can offer your children the many benefits that may be gained from self-defense classes. Here are just a few advantages your kids will enjoy when you enroll them in martial arts.

  1. Protection. Kids that are smart and careful may never find themselves in a situation where self-defense is necessary. But we were all young once, and we know that kids do not always make the wisest decisions, especially when peer pressure comes into play. For this reason you may want to adopt a “better safe than sorry” attitude and enroll your children in martial arts classes so that they can learn to defend themselves in case of attack. You don’t want your kids to become victims of violent attack, and self-defense classes can ensure that they have the tools at their disposal to defend themselves and get away from an attacker should the need arise.
  2. Physical fitness. There is a lot of hubbub in the media about the childhood obesity epidemic, and it’s no wonder with parents working long hours and kids left to eat junk food and watch TV. But there are definitely steps you can take to combat this. You may start by ridding your household of processed foods and providing fresh fruits and veggies as snack options instead. And when it comes to ensuring that your kids are getting the exercise they need to stay healthy and fit, you can enroll them in a variety of sports. However, martial arts classes can offer them a lot more than the average sport. They will not only get the cardio and muscle toning exercise they need to get fit, but they’ll engage in an activity meant to exercise the mind, as well.
  3. Focus. Kids these days are all over the place, likely due to the massive quantities of sugar they consume and the barrage of electronic stimuli they are bombarded with. That said, you may want to explore natural options before you haul out the ADD meds. Changing a child’s diet and adding exercise could make a world of difference for the kid that has trouble focusing. And you should see what martial arts can offer. Kids will learn to discipline not only their bodies, but also their minds. And engaging in physical pursuits can burn off excess energy and increase the benefits of sleep, helping even hyperactive kids to regain a measure of focus in some cases.
  4. Social adjustment. There are two ways that self-defense classes can help kids to learn appropriate social behavior patterns. First and foremost, they’ll be taught to respect authority figures, starting with the person teaching the class. But they’ll also learn how to interact with their peers, treating others with compassion, as well as learning to stand up for themselves when appropriate. And through sparring and even training other kids as they advance, they’ll learn both responsibility and the consequences of their actions. If your kids are struggling to fit in socially, martial arts classes can help them immensely.
  5. Confidence. As you probably know, most kids go through phases where they’re uncertain of themselves. But enrolling them in classes that teach self-defense for kids can help them to understand that they’re capable of setting goals and reaching them, as well as mastering their bodies and minds. So don’t hesitate to find a local school like City of Champions that can offer your kids the myriad benefits of learning martial arts. This practice can help them stay healthy and provide them with the self-confidence that will carry them through life.

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