Adventure and Fun in Gran Canaria

Going on holiday and looking for the perfect island to go with the children? Give Gran Canaria, a Spanish island in the Canaries. This beautiful island is a crossroads of culture, cuisine, shopping, and adventure. The peacefulness of the island will fill your soul like a breath of sweet fresh air that you are hungering for to fill your body and mind. Take to this island of frontiers for an ocean adventure that will fill your days while you make up your own rules for what your family needs to refresh and recharge.

The Beach

Gran Canaria

No matter what your plans are for your holiday, the beach is always there for you. Take your children down with a picnic lunch and toys. You can relax with a good book while you watch them make believe, play, splash and swim. You can go to Las Canteras which is a larger, active, friendly beach or you can seek out the smaller more private beaches that are tucked away though out the north side of the island. Wherever you choose to go, you are sure to enjoy the simplicity of being with your children as you share the sun, sand, and surf.

Crocodile Park

Crocodile Farming

A popular location for families with younger children is Crocodile Park. This animal park is a wonderful location that is home to over 300 crocodiles, tropical birds, and monkeys. Each day they are special shows that feature many of the animals in the park. There is also a cactus garden to explore.

Palmitos Park

After you have spent some time with the crocodiles, your family can explore the bird sanctuary and botanical gardens at Palmitos Park. The popular family location features peacocks, macaws, flamingos and toucans. There are more than 200 birds on display for your family to observe and learn about. You will also find an aquarium, cactus garden, butterfly house, and a breathtaking orchid collection. Among the most popular of attractions is Gibbon Island, which is home to a family of captive bred white handed gibbons from Myanmar and Malaysia. Your family is sure to enjoy the wide array of animals, flora, and fauna.

San Telmo Park


After the noise and excitement of the birds and gibbons, you can take refuge in an oasis of calm in the heart of Las Palmas. The San Telmo Park is a place of serenity where you can take a respite from sight-seeing and shopping. Popular with local residents and students enjoying a lunch break, you will find this park the perfect place to take a breather. Throughout the year there are local events where you can take in the culture and goods. Whether enjoying the shade or exploring the Ferio del Libro (Book Fair), the San Telmo Park is a great place to stop by.

Guanches Theme Park

For a different kind of enjoyment, the Guanches Theme Park is a recreation of the islands early history and native population. The indigenous village provides a immersive experience of what life was like for the islands original inhabitants. This historical and entertaining theme park will teach your children about the culture, customs, religion and cuisine of Guanche life. There is so much to do in the village, you and your children will be thrilled with all you can learn, do, and see.

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