Date Mate in a Perfect Way

Man is a social animal. The need for companionship is perhaps the most important need, apart from the fact that oxygen is needed for survival. History bears testimony to the fact that human existence is based on the very foundations of companionship. Yes, intimacy is a major reason for a person wanting to be with another, but don’t you rule out the fact that emotional support is as important as physical intimacy. Having said this, how does one go about this task? Dating, yes you heard that right.

The ART of Dating

With a multitude of meaning s to go by, the most traditional and common being – a trial period in which two people explore one another, seeking to understand each other and basis this, the relationship is either taken a step further or abandoned. A single person pursuing romantic opportunities is another perspective on the same. Cut to the twenty first century and the very concept of dating involves, casual meetings, going out with people you have never seen or met before – they call it blind dates, friends with benefits (watch the movie to get a clearer understanding) and hook-ups, yes going south is the only intention here. With the advancement in technology, one has the option of online dating too. Yes, a host of sites are available that connect people from every corner of the world, some meet only online, while some do actually go the distance and meet in person. A recommended online dating site is Everybody has a different concept and intention when it comes to dating. While some do end up finding the love of their lives through dating sites, others end up with horrible experiences that leave distaste.

Dating: Brain or Brawn?

Exciting it is, but here are some dating tips to keep in mind, especially if you are a patron of the online circuit.

Do not fall for any goddamn face you see online. The supposed Brad Pitt or Ann Hathaway lookalikes may end up being more like the Grinch in ‘The Grinch who stole Christmas .‘ Insist that you see the real person before going out on a date. Some adventures leave you with scars if the trail is not planned out properly. If you are the one for blind dates, then all the best!

Don’t fall for cheesy lines. “This isn’t a coincidence, we were destined to meet…” blah, use your grey matter and remember the sugar coaters are the ones to watch out for. Do a little background research on the person and once satisfied, it’s a green signal.

Meet in a place that is public, unless you are the type who is into the ‘birds and the bees’ attitude. First dates are best held in restaurants, movie theatres and generally in places where people will be around. Remember you will be meeting a stranger, even if the face of that person is angelic, do not let down your guard.

Be who you are, trying too hard to impress the other often ends up as the greatest put-off.

And yes, don’t trust every dating site. Being naive is a sin today. Some sites can be misleading. A good dating site that is recommended is


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