How To Build Strong Relationship

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly, a quote from Sam Keen, a lot of people fall in love based on the fantasy of a favorite romantic movie,

When in a relationship you will always learn new things about your partner, to whom you may agree or disagree, at this point the relationship may be unbearable, but that does not guarantee a perfect relationship with the next person,

The best thing is to learn the new tricks or a common ground where you may agree on some issues or agree to disagree in good faith. 

Learn to love again

When the relationship has lasted for several years, the partners tend to ignore the small things that are always the basis of a relationship, saying I love you becomes a norm, that at some point it loses the meaning,

Make sure there is always a spark on every love words you use, this will build up something in your partner, and you will find yourself in love again. 


Communication is always the key to any relationship, when there is less communication the love birds tend to lose the common or mutual grounds, this affects the friendship,

When there is an argument it is important to always communicate to your partner on how you feel, in good way the communication will be a key to solving issues. 

Respect your partner

See your partner for who he or she really is, there are things that your partner will not be able to change, be contented with the small things he or she has tried to change, give it time and also communicate and be patient with him or her,

Be willing to also learn from your partner, most of the time you may think he or she is the one to change and get comfortable with yourself. 

Show interest

Sometime the couple may not share the same interest, that could be a hobby, the kind of job they do, the type of friends he or she has, do not force yourself to fit in, but show interest by either visiting his or her friends, enjoy his or her favorite program of game, 

This will show that you support what your partner does, and he or she will reciprocate. 

Create Time

Some people will tell you that we cannot eat love, depending on your work schedule, try to find time and spend with your partner, that can be within the lunch breaks or ask for a weekend off, so you do something together,

At that time focus on giving love, do not demand anything in return the good gestures will always pay handsomely. 

Create a mutually supportive relationship

Even after accomplishing all of the above, make sure that you always focus on your partners’ ups and down, always be ready to help at all cost,

Create a “we” environment where everything you do your partner will always be aware to either advice, support or even criticize, make him or her the first priority, this will make the relationship even stronger. 

For a health relationship, talk to your partner and get the EHIC Application that will cover you and your partner healthcare.

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