Improve your communications to improve your relationships

Communication, whether you talk with people on the telephone or send cards online, is the key to any successful relationship. This is a fact whether a relationship is purely business, social, family or romantically focused. Verbal communication is often thought as being the most important form of communication. However, it’s non-verbal communication, things like body language, eye contact and facial expressions that often more fully express what people are thinking or feeling.


Smart communication building steps

Because of the Internet, email and social media platforms and other written communications, such as times when people send cards online, are taking on a more elevated place among the different communication forms. The timing of messages as well as the actually words that are used when communicating could attract or repel people. Couples who have been married for several years, people who are serious about building and strengthening their rewarding romantic relationships, know the impact of communication. So too do smart business leaders.


Steps you could take to improve your communications are relatively easy to complete. The important thing is to be sincere and to connect with people who you want to build beneficial relationships with regularly. Waiting until you need a favor or are trying to pump up sales to reach out to people could send the message that you don’t really value the people you’re communicating with. To start building great communications:


  • Telephone people on their birthday, wishing them a great day and actively listening to them when they share details of their lives with you.

  • Send cards online after you learn that a business client, friend or relative has fulfilled a dream or achieved a long sought after goal.

  • Take the time to visit with relatives, friends and business clients once a week or once a month. If friends, relatives and business clients live long distances from you, make it a point to visit with them in-person at least twice a year.

  • Fully listen to people when they are talking. As iHealth Beat says, this is an area healthcare professionals can improve in. This means no interrupting people while they speak, even if you have something you really want to share. By not interrupting, you send the message that you value what the person you’re communicating with is telling you.

  • Attach or include personal pictures when you send cards online.

  • Pay as much attention to people when they express concerns or even make complaints to you. This goes a long way whether you are listening to a spouse, friend or an upset business client.

  • Repeat important things people you are talking to say to show that you’re listening and you’ve noticed events, topics or experiences that are most important to the person you’re communicating with. Be sincere when doing this.


When you send cards online, a quick way to stay in touch with the people in your life, address people by their first name. It adds a personal touch when you send cards online. This applies whether you’re send cards online to people you have a casual relationship with or send cards online to business clients. For example, you could send cards from Postable that are printed with designs that are similar to your company’s branding message and address the cards “Hello Joe” rather than “Dear Mr. Joe Brown”.


Sincerity cannot be overstressed when it comes to communication. People are smart. They know if you mean what you say. If they pick up insincerity in your communications, it will turn them off. On the other hand, the right communications could turn a formerly rough relationship into a warm and rewarding friendship.

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