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Matching Bridal Ring Sets

Getting engaged is an exciting event for every couple. Traditionally, the man buys the woman an engagement ring and proposes in a unique way. After a couple has become engaged, the wedding rush begins. The happy couple then needs to plan the wedding day festivities and pick out wedding rings for the ceremony. Because the bride will wear her wedding and engagement rings for the rest of her life, it’s important that these two rings go well together.

Why Match your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

Many times, the engagement ring is bought before the wedding ring. This is because the man in the relationship typically buys the engagement ring to propose to the woman and the newly engaged couple later picks out the wedding bands together. Although it is perfectly acceptable to purchase these rings at different times, the couple will likely prefer to match the engagement ring and the wedding ring that would be worn on the same finger.

There are many reasons to match the engagement and wedding rings, but the most important reason is so that the two rings look good when worn on the same finger. Bridal ring sets that do not match can look awkward as if they don’t belong together. An unusual engagement ring shape paired with an unmatched wedding ring can also cause gaps between the two rings which can be uncomfortable for the person wearing the rings and often looks distasteful.

 If your significant other has already picked out an engagement ring, it’s important to find a guide for finding a wedding ring that matches your existing engagement ring. The guide can give you a visual on what to look for based on the type of engagement ring you have. For example, if you have a single solitaire engagement ring, you’ll have an easier time finding a matching wedding ring since solitaires are simpler shapes to match with. On the other hand, it can be difficult to match a wedding ring with an engagement ring that has an unusual shape. A guide can best show you what types of rings look good together.

In addition to following a guide, the happy couple can follow a few rules for matching a wedding ring with an engagement ring. Bridal ring sets should use the same type of metal, whether it’s white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Different metals have different looks, and a ring set that has one white gold ring and another platinum ring will not look as nice as a matching set. Additionally, the stones on both rings should match in both size and shape. An engagement ring that uses emerald cut diamonds as either the main stone or accent stones should be matched with a wedding ring that has the same cut. When the two rings are worn together, the stones should line up without any obvious gaps.

Since it can be difficult to match a wedding ring to an engagement ring that has been bought previously, a couple can eliminate this difficulty by buying a matching bridal set from the get-go. Many different wedding ring stores offer couples the option to buy the wedding and engagement rings together. This ensures that the wedding ring set is a complete match and will eliminate the headache of searching out a matching wedding ring after the proposal.

Written by Punit Shah, chief marketing officer at My Trio Rings which has the backing of four generations of expertise in the diamond and jewelry industry.

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