Toddler Beds & Kids Bedroom Décor Ideas

Outfitting a child’s bedroom requires lots of planning because kids’ tastes change as they grow and you don’t want to be faced with the need to redo the room every two or three years. Toddler beds are an excellent option, particularly if they are convertible – a two-in-one toddler bed converts into an oversized child’s chair to adapt to your growing child. However, as you might know, in 2011 CPSC (The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) approved new mandatory standard for toddler beds to improve the safety of beds.  I have checked major retailers if their beds match new standards. Among them were Kohl’s, Home Depot, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. I stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond that has an excellent selection of both toddler beds and bedding for rather affordable rates.

Loft beds are another great way to get the most out of a small bedroom, even if in the beginning your child sleeps in a crib or toddler bed and the loft is just used for play until they are old enough to safely get in and out of the loft. Some models feature a built-in desk and bookcase combination that can really work well when you have limited space. A trundle bed or bunk beds are other versatile options since you have access to temporary bedding for sleepovers, when hosting company or on an as needed basis.

Savvy parents know that painting a bedroom in a specific color or wallpapering a child’s room is not only a lot of work; it can be difficult to live with over the years. You are much better off painting the room in a neutral color such as off-white, cream or beige or going with a neutral wall covering in a tan or buff tone. This way the room becomes a blank slate and you can decorate it any way you’d like using home textiles such as area rugs, window treatments and bedding. It also makes it easier to repurpose the room when a child goes off to college – all you need to do is change out the furniture and the former bedroom can become an office, den, guest or craft room.

When you are outfitting a girl’s room she may want to be a fairy princess or a ballerina – it’s easy to incorporate these interests by investing in thematic bedding and accessories. A beribboned bed canopy can be draped over an ordinary bed to give it the royal treatment while decorative pillows can feature lots of sparkles and jewels.  Accent lamps are a great way to carry out a décor theme – look for one inspired by a tiara or a scepter. Hang magic wands or ballet shoes as wall décor and use a purple runner leading to the bed for a truly regal effect.

Boys and girls often are captivated by nature – frogs, turtles and owls are popular décor motifs which can be found on bedding and home textiles along with rugs, lamps and wall art. A bed canopy can be used to create a safari or outdoor effect and enhance the theme of exploration and discovery. Dinosaurs and fossils are another aspect of the interest in décor focused on natural wonders.

Boy’s bedrooms can be lots of fun, especially if they are into pirates or want a secret fort. This is where bunk beds can add real value – they can be enhanced with curtains to create a secret hideout or to look more like a pirate ship. The clothes hamper can look like a pirate’s treasure chest and accent pillows can bear skull and crossbones and other seafaring graphics. Hang “keep out” and “beware” signs from the door knobs; a spooky lighted skull that was once used as Halloween décor can be repurposed as a night light or accent lamp. Fire engine and construction themes are very popular too – a bunk bed can be enhanced with a brass pole to slide on; decorate with hard hats and traffic signs to convey a construction theme.

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