Why You Should Have A Midwife Present During Delivery

Doctors supervise more than 90 percent of births in the U.S., though growing minorities of women rely on midwives to provide their primary care. According to a new study, compared with women who mainly saw family physicians or obstetricians, or whose care was a mix of doctors, and nurses and midwives, women who had a midwife as their lead provider had fewer interventions and were less likely to deliver a premature baby. These are fantastic results, and can leave many wondering if they need a doctor present at all. Below are some additional reason having a midwife would benefit you.

Families that opt for midwife services love the full attention that the midwife gives to the childbirth. Unlike doctors who need to complete their rounds with other patients, midwives will only work on one mother at a time. This assures the expecting mother that whatever happens, a medical staff is always on standby for any medical complications that may come. The midwife will accompany the mother through all pregnancy stages, from water breaking to delivery. A doctor will not give this type of full medical attention. Because of the one-on-one attention, the midwife is able to make the delivery a more personal experience than a doctor who may need to shout out commands prior to checking in on other mothers in labor. A midwife has more specialized training and knows how to make the patient more comfortable when compared to a doctor.

A midwife is more open to family concerns than a doctor. It is easier to persuade a midwife to do the delivery at home. If you voice out your opinions to a doctor, the scenario would be different. The doctor would tell you that you should follow the best practice, which is his own preferred method, and not yours. A midwife will be open to possibilities of a home birth, if the mother-to-be’s health allows.

It is a fact that doctors charge more. A midwife offers the same medical wisdom and skill at a considerably lower price. Most midwives charge you for the whole process and not by the hour. If your pregnancy is not high risk, hiring a midwife may be a wise and thrifty decision.

Mothers-to-be need to make thorough decisions about midwifery versus using a doctor during delivery. This is not an easy decision, and it should not be taken lightly. If a mother-to-be has previous medical issues, it may be in her (and the child’s) best interest to use a doctor and deliver in a hospital. A midwife is not only cheaper, but can provide a warm, rewarding experience in what can be a painful and stressful situation.

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