A Guide to Buying Corner Sofas

If you’re looking to create a comfortable and inviting seating space for your living room, a corner sofa may have already crossed your mind. Both small and big areas can benefit from a corner sofa, which can easily fit where you wish to place it – typically in a corner, of course.

Furniture tends to be symmetrical, however, corner sofas typically have a longer and a shorter edge. They can be popular choices due to their comfort level and how much they allow for socialising. Being able to sit in the corner of a sofa and stretch out after a long day at work is also very relaxing.

But how do you choose the right corner sofa?

Left or Right-Hand Facing Corner Sofa

The terms left and right-hand facing corner sofa may sound confusing but they’re pretty straightforward. It basically means that, when you’re facing the sofa and the arm is on your right, you have a right-hand facing sofa. If the arm is on the left, then you have a left-hand facing sofa.

Should your home have a corner with more space than other corners, it can be pretty clear that a corner sofa would fit in nicely. Having the sofa with the shorter edge aligned against the wall with the least space gives you a more balanced living room.

The Ideal Colour and Fabric

An ideal sofa colour will always compliment your space perfectly. With corner sofas being bigger pieces, neutral tones are popular choices. That’s not to say that a colourful corner sofa wouldn’t be a good choice – colourful sofas make for great focus or statement pieces. Neutral colours just tend to pair with any décor easily because they don’t clash with other bolder colours.

Depending on your family life, having a darker sofa colour can help keep your sofa looking brand new. Children can often accidentally spill drinks or food on your couch, or maybe your dog likes to cuddle up next to you while you watch your favourite shows. Either way, you might want to consider a darker shade for your furniture.

It can seem daunting to choose the material of your corner sofa, but it will depend on your lifestyle. Leather is durable and easy to clean, which is ideal for families and pets. Fabric sofas are comfy and soft, and synthetic fibre can help with durability as well.

It’s Decoration Time

An accessorised sofa is always a beautiful sofa. From footrests, cushions, rugs, and throws, you can truly create the ideal look you want. Pillows are one of the easiest ways of adding a pop of colour to your couch (such as Yellow, red, dark green, or purple pillows) or toning it down with bright or neutral tones (such as grey, white, or brown).

Mix colours and patterns together, choosing velvet or microfiber pillows for added dimension. This also applies to throws, which should also follow your colour and texture themes. You can make your sofa look cosier and have more character with a throw that transforms any couch into a welcoming one.

A bespoke sofa can combine your favourite material, colour, and shape into one, making your life much easier and simpler. You can guarantee that your living room has a sofa that fits your space perfectly and accommodated your lifestyle.

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