Flirtology 102: How To Flirt Without Being Pushy

We all like to flirt and be flirted with, that isn’t a secret. Flirting makes us feel wanted and it just feels good! There are some instances where flirting can become uncomfortable, annoying, or awkward. Here are some ways to prevent your suave flirting from turning into something that leaves people uncomfortable or turned off.


Use Neutral Words When Talking or Texting. While you may think it’s cute to use suggestive words when you’re flirting, it really isn’t. You can create and hold a conversation that isn’t dripping in innuendo. If you maintain eye contact, smile, and casually touch the person on the arm while talking, it will be obvious that you’re flirting and you won’t need to use suggestive language.


Know When To Stop Complimenting. It’s nice to give someone a compliment or two but it can quickly sound insincere and trite if you compliment too much. While you may think that you are being nice and you truly do believe the things you’re saying, the person on the receiving end will begin to wonder why you are over complimenting. They may begin to question your sincerity and wonder what your game is.


Eye Contact is Important, but Don’t Stare So Hard it Becomes Creepy. What is meant by this is that it is okay to keep eye contact with the person for a length of time, but you don’t want to stare so deep into their eyes that you’re practicing mind control on them. You can break your eye contact every so often for a few moments. Now that doesn’t mean you should check out other people in the vicinity or check your phone. It just means glance at their lips or pluck lint ball from their shirt (real or imaginary).


Use Open Ended Questions When Talking to The Person. The point of flirting with someone is to get to know them better and let them know you are interested in them. One excellent way to do this is by asking open ended questions. You don’t want to ask them things that they can answer with a simple ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. That defeats the whole purpose of a conversation! Also, once you ask the question, your job isn’t done! A conversation is a two way street. Feel free to comment on the things the other person has said.


Flirting is meant to Be Fun and Light Hearted. When you’re flirting with someone new, it is important to keep it light and carefree. While there are things that you want to share to make yourself seem more desirable, you don’t have to share them right away. If you lay out all your accomplishments out on the table right away, you run the risk of seeming desperate. Another way that you can flirt smart and keep it fun is surprise them with sweet gestures. If you know that there is a new art exhibit opening that you may think they would be interested in, buy tickets so you can take them out. By doing this, it will let them know that you pay attention when they talk and you are also spontaneous and fun!

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