Flower Girl Dresses: Color Recommendations You Need to Know About

There are plenty of classic color choices when it comes to flower girl dresses – white, ivory, cream, peach, and more. But if you’re bored with vanilla options, we’ve got great news for you – there are some seriously amazing color trends going on right now for flower girls.

You’re going to love how different and unique they are, and the little ones are going to love how glamorous, vibrant, and beautiful they feel in a special dress all picked out for them!

Champagne Hues are Darling

If you’re looking for something that’s a touch different from the classic white flower girl dresses and ivory flower girl dresses, but you don’t want to get too wild, consider a gorgeous shade of champagne or gold. This amazing hue choice does wonders with reflecting light and manages to be a jaw-dropping, yet understated, color palette for your little gal. It’ cute, it’s chic, but most importantly, it’s not so vivid that it’s going to be distracting for your flower girl. She can feel pretty, sophisticated, and adorable all at once!

Pastels are Perfect

We love, love, love light pastel colors for flower girl dresses because they’re delicate, adorable, and tend to really complement whatever color scheme you’re going for. This is a great choice for summer and spring weddings where light colors are seasonally appropriate. They also are great choices when you have breezy fabrics, shorter dresses, and specific summer cuts for your flower girl dress choice.

Metallics are a Hit

Bold is never a mistake, and a lot of brides are taking the risk lately by giving their flower girls some seriously metallic stunners for dresses. If you’re an edgy bride who has no problem giving tradition the boot, consider allowing your cutting-edge flower girl to rock a metallic chrome, silver, or gold gown to your wedding. It’s a fun way to change up the norm while still maintaining a look of sophistication and adorable-ness. Besides, how fun would it be to see your that little cutie rock-and-rolling down the aisle in a totally metallic stunner of a dress? We don’t mean that you should go glittery-dress crazy, just that you can have your flower girl rock an understated but totally chic metallic look.

Classic is Never a Bad Choice

Then again, classics are never a bad choice. Colors like ivory, cream, and white are traditional and long-standing for a reason — because they look great and your flower girls will probably love them! While they can be a bit tricky to care for when it comes down to meal time (young girl, messy foods, and white dresses aren’t the greatest combination), you can definitely count on them looking fabulous and adorable when they’re walking down the aisle.

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