Four Great Reasons to Give Internet Dating a Try

As of 2018, Maclean’s reports that a quarter of adult Canadians have logged in online to find true love 40 million adults across North America have done likewise. This begs the question – how many people are left who haven’t tried internet dating yet, and how long will it be before everyone joins in? Yet there are still many single people who hang back, reluctant to give the internet a try. If this describes you, these four great reasons may just change your mind.

There are Lots of Great People Online

If you go online regularly to check your email, look at your social media accounts or keep up with news, you already know that there are lots of great people online because you are online! With the newest Canadian statistics alone, potentially one in every four people you see on the street has an internet dating account. That is a lot of potentially great dates you might be able to enjoy if you decide you are ready to create an online dating profile and give internet dating a try.

Internet Dating Works at Every Age

If you are over 50 and think that internet dating is just for people in their 20’s and 30’s, think again. The internet is filled with an increasing number of options tailored for single adults over 50. Whether you are already actively looking for Canada’s community for everyone over 50 or you are still working up your courage, just know that plenty of other people in your age category (whatever that category may be) are online right now looking for a great love match.

Internet Dating Means You Have Lots in Common with Others

Whether you ultimately get a great story, a second date or a proposal out of your first internet date, you will instantly have something in common with at least a quarter of everyone you meet. You can swap stories and laugh about your experiences to ease tension after less-than-perfect dates and celebrate with great stories when you finally meet “the one.” As well, single people have gone on to write books and film movies, start hit blogs or become dating consultants – all because they were willing to give internet dating a try. Finally, many of those same people are now happily married to someone they met online.

Internet Dating Gets Results

Perhaps the best reason to at least give internet dating a shot is this – lots of people are now happily dating or married to someone they met online. In fact, The Globe and Mail reports that 39 percent of Canadians today know a friend who met their partner online. This number will only continue to grow as internet dating becomes an increasingly relevant way to find love in the midst of oh-so-busy modern life.

While internet dating may take some time to get used to, more and more Canadians today will stand up and attest to the fact that making the leap has been well worth it and richly rewarding.

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