How to Get Young Children to Behave for Holiday Photos

The holiday seasons comes with lots of parties, time with family and celebrations. To kick off the holiday season and show friends and relatives your beautiful family, many people love to take and send holiday photos. Although ideally, everyone would be smiling and cooperative, this isn’t usually the case especially if you have young children. Here are some tips about how you can get your young children to behave for holiday photos.

  1. First, choose your time for your holiday photo shoot. For most shoots, people consider the time because they want the best lighting. For parents, this consideration goes even further because it is so important when working with young kids. Often the ideal time will vary from family to family. Kids are usually best behaved at a certain time of day regularly. They tend to be more cranky or “antsy” toward the end of the day. For most kids, the best time to take pictures will be in the later morning or early afternoon when they are still alert and awake.
  2. Next, make sure they have eaten before the pictures. Kids don’t do well in photo situations on an empty stomach. Make sure they have eaten a wholesome breakfast or lunch and avoid giving them too much sugar so that they aren’t hyper! A sugar rush will make settling kids down for a picture near impossible!
  3. Offer a reward for good behavior during the holiday photo session. Make sure this reward is something that your young child will really want so that they will be motivated to work with you and meet your needs. Maybe the prize means they can stay up an hour later that night, get ice cream after diner or even receive a small toy or prize for cooperating. If this is the deal you work out with your child, be sure to explain your expectations clearly and completely ahead of time.
  4. Make photos fun! The silliest pictures are often the most priceless shots! Consider adding props into the photos related to the holidays. Let your kids be goofy and make faces or even wear costumes! This will help make the situation more laid back and fun instead of uptight, strict and stressful! Once they get the sillies out of their systems, you may even be able to get one or two more formal, smiling shots!

Holiday photos are a great way to capture or family throughout the years and share your family with friends and relatives near and far. While they are a great way to preserve memories, they can also be quite a stressful process if you have young children. If you are worried about ensuring your kids are well behaved during your holiday photos, consider these ideas like timing the photo shoot appropriately, offering a reward or incentive for good behavior, making the session fun, and only taking pictures when kids have a full stomach. You may choose to take the photos yourself or even hire a professional from Nadine Nasby Photography. No matter the route you choose, these precautions and preparations will help ensure that you can get your holiday family photos without the fight!


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