Things to Remember in an Outdoor Wedding

2014 brings with it a new set of wedding themes that different couples will embrace. These settings are sometimes polar opposites, where priorities are made to ensure that the bride and groom get the perfect atmosphere as they exchange their vows. As always, there are those who cannot imagine doing this without an amazing backdrop for their surroundings.


What to prepare for


Some couples prefer the great outdoors, where the wild and the rustic dominate the landscape. Couples who choose this theme are after the majestic atmosphere that will take their breath away as they say ”I do”. The woodland theme is one example, or a great spot nestled in the mountains with an amazing view. Some even opt for the more logistically demanding setting of a beach, while others will duck into an organic botanical garden, surrounded by a riot of natural colours. Once the theme has been chosen, one ingredient that can make or break the overall mood: the choice of live music. There are also other important things to consider:


1. Creature Comforts


For themes like this, be prepared to set up shelter for your guests and the live band. Get ahold of a tastefully designed wedding tent that can guard against the elements without obstructing the view or the space for guests. This tent will directly affect the success of the event, especially if there is a chance of rain. Keep your guests’ needs in mind especially if your venue is in a remote location, and plan accordingly.


2. Logistics


It must be said that a lot of couples who opt for a wedding ceremony in the middle of nowhere sometimes do so to ensure that only the most dedicated of both their worlds will make the effort to show up for their big day. That being said, however, there are certain factors to consider, like your entourage’s day jobs and professional responsibilities. This wedding theme certainly takes a lot more logistical effort to realise, and some of these responsibilities fall squarely on the shoulders of the best man and the maid of honour. As you choose your ceremony and reception venues, keep these considerations in mind.


3.  Transportation


Accessibility is probably one of the biggest factors to consider when you choose a venue. In fact, ferrying family and friends over to the ceremony venue is a bigger issue the farther away the location is, and this is apart from getting them to the reception afterwards, if this is a separate area. Some couples go all out with fanciful modes of transport, such as hiring horse and carriage transport, or wedding Land Rovers, while other options even include double decker buses. In any case, be prepared to arrange for this eventuality once you decide on that remote venue.


4. Music


Select songs that complement the awe-inspiring view. In fact, it’s a good idea to prepare a musical lineup that pays homage to the surrounding natural beauty and maximise its impact on the ceremony itself. Find a band that can guarantee mobility with their equipment and setup, with instruments that can really add that extra magic to the proceedings, like a violin.

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