Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Finances

Money isn’t something little kids have to think about very often. That’s why it can be so difficult to teach them about finances! Not only are they not responsible for paying for things, it can be difficult for a young child to understand how finances affect their lives.

Instead of just lecturing them about positive money habits, get them excited about dealing with finances now and in the future with these tips!

Have Them Pick up Some Cash at the Bank

The best way to get kids excited about money is to give them some of their own! Although it’s easy to hand them a $10 bill or to ask friends and family to give them a bit of money in their birthday card this year, it’s even more fun if you can have cash sent to your child that they have to pick up.

For example, Remitly allows you to, “Select if you want to send your money to a physical location for your recipient to pick up cash or transfer to a bank account to be directly deposited.” You or a friend or loved one can send some money to your child and they can get excited about going to the bank to pick it up!

Save Your Change in a Clear Jar

Saving is an important concept to teach children of all ages. That’s because children are more likely to spend, but saving will help them meet more of their financial goals later in life.

One of the best ways to teach the concept of saving is with a change jar because there are so many reasons to keep one around! Tell your child you’re saving up for a summer vacation or an above ground pool for the backyard.

Any old piggy bank will do, but saving your change in a clear jar is even better. That’s because your child gets to watch the money pile up!

Play a Game

If you want your kids to get excited about finances, you have to make it fun, and there’s nothing more fun than playing a game! A few games that will help your kiddos learn about money include:

  • Monopoly
  • Payday
  • Life
  • Moneywise Kids
  • Careers

Have Your Child Help You Find a Great Deal at the Store

There are plenty of tips out there for making your trip to the store, especially the grocery store, go more smoothly. However, rather than just mitigating a potential disaster, make the kids a part of the experience by having them help you find a great deal.

For example, ask your child to help you find which ranch dressing has the lowest price. Not only will it teach them how to find a good deal, you can also talk about when it’s okay to spend more money (like when you like the taste of one particular brand but not another).

Follow the fun tips on this list and there’s no doubt that your kids will get excited about their financial future!

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