Why Attending A Wedding Is Hard For A Non-Single Woman Too

 27 Dresses, The Wedding Date, What’s Your Number, The Bridesmaids– romcoms have always fed us with scenarios of women clumsily trying to survive a wedding weekend while being single. They all portray how difficult it must be for single women, who have been given fair shares of immature, unworthy jerks, to be in a ceremony that celebrates true love. Being love-less and seeing your best friend walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress you secretly fitted yourself when she asked you to pick it up must be, in a way, a hard pill to swallow.


But for a woman with a man by her side right that very moment, this could be a scene as bittersweet as well. We often think that ladies who show up in such events with dates are super lucky, but are they really? Here are some reasons why attending a wedding could also be a struggle for a woman in a committed relationship.


When’s it my turn?

When’s it my turn? Wouldn’t I love?” Ariel sure pondered on this while flipping her gorgeous mermaid tail. But for someone in a relationship, the latter question may not be the main issue. You’ve been going steady with your man for as long as everyone can remember. You’re way past the honeymoon stage that you can even now fart in front of the other. Heck, you have even surpassed the dreaded seven-year itch! So what’s taking you two so long?


You may have valid reasons not to tie the knot yet, like career, financial stability, and whatnots, but you know that deep inside you also cannot wait for your turn to be the bride. Attending a wedding makes it worse. You’ll find yourself running into relatives and old friends who seem to feel the urge of wanting to know exactly why you are not married yet. This could be a headache, yes, but try to compose yourself and be game enough to answer them humorously.

Avoid your nosy aunts by staying at the bar and engaging in a flirty conversation with your man. Your gestures from afar will give the impression that you two are taking it easy and enjoying each other to the fullest before committing yourselves to a more serious status.


That’s My Song!

The adorable flower girl has just finished gracing the carpet with petals and the imposing church doors now gradually open to finally reveal the beautiful bride. You look at her and flashbacks of how you used to grab a glass of Amaretto Sour to talk about her broken heart time and time again. Now you’re holding back the tears because you know she has found the one. But your tear glands suddenly dry up as soon as music starts to fill the air. That’s your song! The bride is marching to your song!

Part of visualizing your dream wedding is identifying the song that will play as you walk towards your destined man. And it does not stop there. Of course, you also should come up with the music you and your groom will have for your first dance.


The song selection in your wedding is one of the most important yet often neglected aspects in your special day. So when you have a friend who’s using the songs you have always had in mind, it could be very difficult to revise your fantasy mix as you don’t want people (you’re friends or related to the bride or groom so you’ll most likely have the same guest list) thinking you’re a copycat.

Carefully consider each song that would be played in your wedding. Hire a wedding band you know you can trust in executing these songs. There’s a reason why Marshall and Lily in How I Met Your Mother crashed a prom just to see a band they want to book for their wedding. It’s that important.


The Missing Out

While it seems tragic for some to attend a wedding without a date, others think of it as a great opportunity to meet people and even hook up. So when you’re in a relationship, this is something that’s never going to be an option. And probably something you would miss.

When all the single ladies are called out to catch the bride’s bouquet, you’ll be left feeling torn. It’s just a silly game after all, so why not join, right? But what if you’ll end up catching it? Then it would be a whole round of awkwardness while you expose your leg to another bachelor during the garter game, knowing that your real boyfriend is just around.


True enough, being there will always be moments when you would miss being single. You look around and couldn’t help but be thrilled by the thought of sharing a moment with that hot gentleman from across the ballroom. Whenever you start feeling envious of the ladies who can still get to do this, think about what you got. You are in a committed relationship with a man who’ll one day surprise you with a wedding proposal. And perhaps the reason why some women still enjoy the perks of being single is because they are yet to find the treasure that you already have.

About the author: Melissa Page loves weddings and writes about them to her heart’s delight. She regularly contributes for Music for Scotland, a live music agency that features the Edinburgh wedding band, Seattle. For more of her musings, follow her on Twitter @Melissapage90.

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